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How to Monetize YouTube Channel

Hello Everyone, hope you are doing well, me too! If you are reading this, so this blog gonna be help you to monetize your YouTube channel. After creating a YouTube channel everyone wants to know how to monetize YouTube channel so that they can earn money. So here, we will cover the essential points that you should know for monetizing your channel fast and start generating revenue from it.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel

Before I begin there are few pre-decided rules of YouTube, if you follow these you can start making money and get a lot of traffic from users, and they are

First of all, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

All of your videos must have generated 4,000 Public Watch Time (Hours) over the last 12 months.

You comply with all of YouTube’s policies and guidelines.

You must follow the YouTube Partner Program overview & eligibility.

YouTube Garbage

Have you ever tried asking something relevant on YouTube, where you get thousands of videos about them? Most of the videos are useless still they have millions of views. After watching a number of videos you finally get a suitable one or even sometimes not.

Initially, those channels get a good number of subscribers but later they don’t get a good outcome, because they haven’t chosen their niche wisely. Those are called YouTube garbage, and YouTube doesn’t delete those videos or the channel until they break the guidelines. So it’s better to make quality and helpful videos for your users, where they can relate themselves and connect with you as a subscriber as long as.

How To Begin To Monetize YouTube Channel Fast

Once you sign in on YouTube with your Google account. You must have some content to upload on it like Travel, Gaming, Entertainment, etc. Once you have your niche then you must have at least 10-15 topics-related videos in your checklist.

The first question that comes to mind, why would anyone subscribe to my channel? or Why would people watch my videos? So you have to show your audience a different one so that they can enjoy it better while watching without getting bored. Create your own archive so that you are ready with your stock for the audience.

First of all, you need a good video editor, which gives you more options to edit with no watermark & good video quality output in 1080P to 4K HD. The below video, which I uploaded a couple of months ago will help you. Where you’ll not be getting any Watermark along with “1080P & 4K HD” output absolutely at free of cost.

Get 1000 Subscribers Fast To Monetize YouTube Channel

This is a very common question for a YouTuber that how will you get the first 1000 subscribers? So in the simplest way, make sure whether it is your first video or tenth video – doesn’t matter, every video of yours should be special, creative, and useful or entertaining for your viewers.

To get more subscribers, create your videos in a good manner so that people will connect with your videos from the beginning till the end. If they find your video creative or entertaining they will definitely share them with others for sure. If you are presenting yourself in your videos so be energetic, confident, and have a smile on your face throughout the video.

Promote, Promote & Promote!

You have started uploading the videos, it’s time to get some subscribers. So why not start with your own audience like Family, Friends, Relatives, and Office Colleagues, etc. Start promoting your channel as much as you can. Initially you get up to 100 subscribers easily within your people. But later will be depending upon your content, so make it accordingly.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel - Promote It!

There is no shame to ask people to subscribe to your channel. Ask them to share it on every other social media channel like Facebook, WhatsApp, Blogs, Instagram, etc. Once your channel will become more popular, you will get organic subscribers but again don’t forget to promote yourself endlessly. Apart from this, you can embed your YouTube video link in other social media comment sections, wherever it is necessary.

Monetize YouTube Channel, First – Set A Routine

What happens when you upload your videos frequently and left empty-handed. You must set your calendar and days so that you can upload your videos accordingly. You need to set a schedule that “I will upload my videos once or twice every week” or “I “. This will help you to keep your videos as a backup for the future. This will help you in three ways

If you are out of content so you can use your backup videos.

You get ample time to make more videos.

You can avoid uploading useless/garbage videos on your channel.

Until your channel gets famous, getting good numbers of views and subscribers, maintain a decent relationship with your audience. It’s better to go with the flow and be professional with your work.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel - Set A Calendar

Subscribers will love to watch your videos if you upload your videos often otherwise if you upload it every other day they might get bored one day. Because you may compromise with the quality and lose your subscribers. I hope nobody wants it at all, so it’s better to go with a routine.

Be Patient

Those who have become successful YouTubers are because of their professionalism and hard work in their work. They have seen so many ups and downs, crossed big hurdles to reach that stage. You can check it for yourself from how long they are in this field? They became successful because they had the patience and belief in themselves.

Those who get fame and subscribers easily don’t be seen after a couple of months. You have to be patient, it will take a couple of months or years sometimes to grow your channel. Make your videos professionally and creatively so that people will connect with you in the future also.

Once you upload a video, make sure you are setting it for “Public“. As you know that “Unlisted” & “Private” videos won’t consider in 4,000 Public Watch Time (Hours). So set your videos accordingly and carefully.

Follow The YouTube Rules for Monetization

Now come to the rule-book of YouTube. If you want to monetize your channel, you need to make sure you stick to it anyway, as YouTube says:

When you are going to apply for the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll go through a standard review process to see whether your channel meets YouTube’s policy and guidelines. Those channels that meet its conditions will be accepted into the program.

Whatsoever you are uploading, should be uploaded under YouTube policies & guidelines. If your video is not meant for kids, select it accordingly.

YouTube always keeps an eye on your channel whether you are running your channel as per their rule-book. I would recommend you get familiar with its policies and guidelines. If you want to monetize your content in the future in a positive way.

Apply For YouTube Partner Program

Initially, I explain the golden rules, which you have to follow anyhow to get your channel to monetize. Now you have completed 4,000 Public Watch Time (Hours) in the last 12 months and got 1000 subscribers. You can apply for YouTube “Channel Monetization” and start earning from it.

Do not use any music or video content, which has copyrights to other channels. It will ruin your video as well as your channel. Most YouTubers face this kind of challenge when it comes to monetizing the channel.

I hope that I have covered all the essential points of how you can monetize your Youtube Channel in the easiest way. If you will follow all the above points, you can do better on YouTube and start earning within a few months. Initially, you will get 10-15 subscribers in a week, but gradually this number will increase for sure. Just go with the flow and have some patience. Again don’t compromise with your content, every video must be special for you, give your 100% to it.

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