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How To Plan A Camping Trip

Welcome Back, Guys! This blog will be quite interesting for those who are beginners and want to know how to plan a Camping Trip, but confused that how to do it? So don’t worry at all, after reading this blog you will be ready for a perfect wildlife camping trip. Before I begin, have you read my last Blog about the BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN THAILAND FOR 4 DAYS? Hope you loved that! If not, then go ahead, I’ll wait here for you. That blog will guide you that how you can visit and cover most of the places around Thailand in just 4 days.

Camping Trip In Chopta, Uttarakhand

Pro Tip:- If you are a beginner and planning a camping trip, don’t make your plan in haste. Be sure about the people who are camping with you, if they are Mentally and Physically prepared. Because if you are a beginner and planning a camping trip especially in the woods, try kids, pregnant women, or an unhealthy person should not be included in you. Though it depends that where you set up your camp, near the city or in the forest, so be careful about that!

Who Do People Go Camping?

Everyone wants to do camping because you spend the whole day under the sky and stars. You feel nature’s beauty and make yourself happy and refresh from inside. Most of us live a life that’s indulged in electronics – Smartphones, Computers, Games, and Television, etc. One of the good things about camping is that you have an opportunity to switch off from the pressures of modern life and connect with nature.

You can also read my old Blog about the BEST PLACES FOR CAMPING IN UTTARAKHAND? which contains day to day activities along with a well-organized itinerary, also the places we have covered within 5 days. You’ll definitely love it! Camping is not only a usual experience as well as a ton of fun.

Camping Is Not For Everyone, A Traveller Can Do It Not A Tourist!

If You Are Planning A Camping Trip, Point Your Destinations!

Before you step out for wildlife camping and you are a beginner, hit all the destination places first where you are heading. It helps you to find the perfect spot for your camping within time, where you can spend your time on other activities. Apart from this, you can also prepare yourself for the next destination because you know the distance. So, don’t make a camping plan so blindly, it is better to mark your destinations first.

Plan A Camping Trip With Decided Destinations

Pay Attention To The Weather Forecasts

You can go and plan a camping trip in any season except Rainy or Monsoon. Because it’s not safe to drive and if you are planning for hill stations then landslides happen in most of the places, so I won’t recommend it at all. Although, it looks cool in a greeny atmosphere but quite dangerous because of reptiles and insects. So before you leave, check the weather and climate properly if this is the right time for camping or not!

Beginner For A Camping Trip – Don’t Be Late!

Plan a Camping Trip, Guys Don't Be Late

You will be happy and can enjoy yourself more if you reach your destination place on time. Don’t wait for the right time or the evening. Once you find a suitable place to set up your camp, just set it up. As much as time you waste finding an awesome place, you might be losing time for other important activities, so don’t be more choosy.

If possible, before setting up your camp, see how safe you are there. Just think, once you set up your camp then you can do anything and you will get ample time to explore the area.

Camping Essentials For The Beginners

Once you are ready for your first camping adventure, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. Read carefully about the essentials that you need for perfect camping;

A good brand Tent, like Quechua, MSR, Coleman, Wildcraft, etc. and learn properly how to set it up carefully.

Food items like Rice, Spices, Sugar, Noodles Packets, Coffee Powder/Tea Leaves, etc. You can buy Vegetables/Chicken, Milk, etc. just before any local shops. (Don’t compromise with quantity)

All basic materials for food preparation like Mini LPG Cylinder, Utensils, Paper Carton (to cover the stove from the wind), Water Can, Disposal Plates/Glass, Tissue Paper Box, etc.

Other essentials like; Hand Wash, Solar LED Lamp, Coal, and have some good stock of wooden logs for the bonfire.

Prepare Your Meals Ahead of Time

grill, skewers, eating

Food is the most essential when it comes to enjoyment. If possible, try to prepare your meal before its time, because nobody knows when the weather gets changes. So, it is better to prepare your meal on time. One more thing, do not try for an experiment. Whatever you can cook well, go for that, don’t go with varieties (Dude, it’s camping not dining). As I mentioned before don’t compromise with quantity, so prepare accordingly and don’t waste it at all.

Know What To Wear

This is the most vital part that you are packing the right clothes for your camping. Try to bring more clothes than you think you’ll need. If possible avoid wearing shorts because the reptiles and insects could be anywhere. Also, pack your clothes according to the weather. If the weather shows it may rain while you’re out, bring a rain jacket or a raincoat.

Because wet clothes make you sick, which nobody wants especially on a camping trip. Also, no one has that much time to take care of you all the time. So it is better to prepare accordingly and prevention of infection.

Play By the Rules For A Perfect Camping Trip

Though you may feel like that you can go anywhere and do whatsoever you want, indeed! But when you are camping at a campground, you must be mindful and prepared with some KOA’s rules beforehand. You need to set your own rules for yourself and other living things around you.

It’s true that only a mature person can plan a well organized caping trip and he must have some certain rules which he has to obey in any situation.

board, empty, rule

Here are some basic rules of camping :

Respect for Nature, don’t litter around or anywhere

Assign your work accordingly, what fits you DO THAT!

Clean up around your campground before you leave

Don’t leave or waste your food out

If possible, buy something from the local nearby shops

If you’re a smoker, be careful of your butts especially in the forest

You are a leader, you know what is good for you and nature


Don’t let the stresses of the rules, the whole point of going camping is to step away from the stresses of your daily life, let loose, and have fun in the beautiful outdoors. So no matter, what, be sure you do just that because you are the one who is making it possible!


Camping is cost-effective

You get to switch off from the pressures of modern life

You stop liking Hotel stay

You’ll feel like part of nature

You’ll work as a team

You get to do what you want to do & go just about anywhere

I hope this blog will give you some inspiration (and handy tips) that how you can plan a camping trip and chase your own adventure camping experience. Travel is the best kind of education so go get lost, even if it’s just outside your own for a blind doorstep!


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