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Camping Checklist

Hello Everyone, Hope you are doing well and safe, me too! Winter Is Coming It’s time to pack your bag for a wildlife Camping experience. Where I am going to tell you all the essentials camping checklist, which will gonna help you for sure!

Camping Checklist

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Camping gives you a chance to live with nature and feel it feels its beauty. It makes you happy and refreshes from inside where most of us live a life that’s indulged in electronics. Camoing gives you an opportunity to switch off from the pressures of modern life and connect with nature.

So check out each and every camping checklist point so that you can make your camping experience unforgettable and hassle-free.

Top on Camping Checklist – Tent

Whenever we hear the word Camping, the first picture that comes to mind is Tent. So I’ll begin with a tent that how it could be in a matter of quality, ventilation, and the number of people using it. I would suggest you not to do any compromise with its quality because you are going to invest in it just once.

So go with the best one like Wildcraft, Quechua, Marmot, Coleman, etc. A quality proof tent will help you in minus (-) degree temperature or heavy snowfall. Your tent must be for at least 4 people, so if there are two-person stays inside can keep basic things like; Water Bottles, Food, Shoes, Bags, etc inside the tent. Usually, good tent brands give you a ventilation option so you don’t need to worry about that.

Sleeping Bags & Mat

No one tent makes you warm from the inside, so again Sleeping Bags are the most important part of your camping checklist. Every sleeping bag has its own capacity according to its temperature rating. Usually, a good sleeping bag makes you warm in at least -10°C.

A regular-sized sleeping bag fits people up to 6 feet in height, where a long-sized sleeping bag can accommodate people up to 6.5 feet in height. You may also find small ones that best suits those with a height between 5 feet to 6 feet. On the other hand, the mat is used just to sleep on them, so it is highly recommended when camping. It provides comfort and insulation from the ground otherwise you may feel cold. Though you can avoid it during the summer season.

Sufficient Water

Maybe it’s quite strange to know this, but is true! For camping, you must have sufficient water with you. Most of the time it happens where you set up your camp, the water source isn’t available nearby.

If you have a water Jars of 20 to 30 Ltr, will be perfect for you. Because drinking from a lake or pond can cause serious illness due to bacteria or germs. So it’s better to keep a few bottles of extra water for you, which also may use for your cooking and washing purpose.

Wood Logs

I am not sure if you are planning to cook your food over wood logs or on a stove. Carry ample wood logs that will help you anyway as it will help you in cooking as well as keep you warm through the bonfire. Usually, wild animals do not prefer to come near the fire and enough logs will be helpful till morning so that you can warm yourself again before you leave the place.

First Aid Kit – A Common Camping Checklist

Keeping a first-aid kit is necessary everywhere but if we are talking about a camping checklist so it is a must-have thing that needs to carry with you. While camping, you may experience a life-threatening injury so it’s better to take a precaution. Small cuts and scrapes are very common or if you are trekking or hiking then can result in a badly sprained ankle or blisters that require bandaging.

Weather Forecast

This point I have already mentioned in my previous post in brief that you may go camping in any season except Rainy or Monsoon. As it’s not safe to drive especially on hill stations because landslides happen in most places. Also, a greeny atmosphere looks soothing but quite dangerous because reptiles and insects can come inside or near your tent. So before you leave, add this point into your checklist and check the weather climate properly if this is the right time for camping or not!

Solar LED Lamp

This is especially important when you can’t do bonfire on the open ground because of heavy wind, storm, or rain. Without electricity, the only solar lantern would help you there in any case. Mostly you get the battery one lanterns along with a solar charge option.

I would suggest that every camper must have their own solar lantern for their personal use just in case.

Handwash & Tissues

If you are going to live in the woods you may gonna touch many things while camping that contains bacteria or germs. To get rid of this you may need handwash. If you’re camping in the deep woods and concerned about if you will be getting a water source nearby then it’s better to keep toilet papers or tissues for good hygiene.

Clothing – Must-Have in Camping Checklist

Again packing the right clothes for your camping is a must-have point for your camping checklist. Make sure you are bringing more clothes for camping and if possible avoid wearing shorts because the reptiles and insects could be anywhere.

As I mentioned earlier check the weather forecast first, If it is about to rain then make sure you are carrying a rain jacket or a raincoat with you. Because wet clothes make you sick and no one has that much time to take care of you all the time. I’ll better advise you to prepare accordingly and prevention of infection.

Miscellaneous in Camping Checklist

The last one, here I would mention all the small things which are quite necessary as per your need, which may change if you want!

In Food Items – Rice, Spices, Sugar, Noodles Packets, Coffee Powder/Tea Leaves, etc. You can buy Vegetables/Chicken, Milk, etc. (Don’t compromise with quantity)

For Food Preparation – Mini LPG Cylinder, Utensils, Paper Carton (to cover the stove from the wind), Disposal Plates/Glass, Lighter/Match-box, etc.

Other Essentials – Coal, Toothpaste, Sensitizer, Sunscreen Cream, Pain Relief Spray, Pillow, etc.

That’s it, guys! I hope you will like this camping checklist with the top 10 essential camping items. If I have missed anything here, feel free to mention it in the comment box, I’ll update it soon.

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