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Low Competition Keywords

Hi There, Today’s topic will be gonna most important for those who always curious about how to find Low Competition Keywords for the low competition opportunities around the world. Here I’ll be sharing a few of those tools where you can find low competition keywords according to your niche.

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Low Competition Keywords

Low competition keywords are those which measure its difficulty level to rank on Google organic search result. It is also known as “SEO difficulty”, which provides quick traffic and long-tail rankings where you get to know how popular the keyword is and its industry competition.

For example; If you search “Best Smartphones under Rs 15,000”, there are possibilities that you may find a number of pages with a tough competition where most of the big E-commerce & Smartphone Industries lie on the first page as they have paid a huge amount for their advertisement. Unfortunately, your page won’t appear easily on Google search. On the other hand, if you search “Smartphone under Rs 15,000”, now you can find the completion has been reduced so much and there are chances that your page may index easily in a few days.

It Begins With Your Niche

Yes, It is true! In today’s world, what are the most profitable Niches you know that is conquered by the Internet today? To my knowledge Electronics, Fashion, Entertainment, & Health-related keywords are the most commonly searched by everyone on the Internet.

The big industries you see, the most competition you will find, so it’s better to find a Niche where you will be getting low competition keywords easily. You can go through How To Choose A Blogging Niche, it will help you a lot, I Am Sure!

Why It’s Necessary To Find?

Every writer/blogger wants their post to appear on the first page. The most difficult or competitive keyword you choose, hardly your post will appear on the first page and every tool measures keyword difficulty differently. There are many paid tools are available in the market where you can find low competition keywords easily and their difficulty level too.

But I am going to tell you the easiest way to find the best low competition keywords tools related to your niche along with its difficulty level.

Low Competition Keywords Tools

These tools give you a couple of free attempts to find out the best low competition keywords, if you write an average of 2-3 blogs weekly, will be appropriate for you. You only just need to sign in with your Google account.

The first tool which gonna help you to find low competition keywords is Ubersuggest which gives you an SEO difficulty level of keywords. Keyword Ideas tab gives you an idea about those websites which are on top of that particular keyword, so now you know your competitors.

The second tool which I would suggest is SEMScoop, it gives you many free attempts to find out the best low competition keywords with their difficulty level. For your reference, I have highlighted the same in the below image;

Apart from these, there are a couple of website tools, which give you the same keyword search but their trial period is for limited days then it expires and asks you to upgrade. You can also use these free tools without sharing your credentials, the tools are like;

KWFinder10 Day Free Trial

SEMrush 15 Day Free Trial


So, I would suggest you find keywords that are relevant to your subject matter or business and finding keywords with low competition. I have picked the best one for you for your daily blogging. If you have any other tools in your mind, feel free to mention those in the comment box. As you know each tool is unique and special in its own way & has different benefits and pitfalls.

Again, it doesn’t matter which tool you decide to use, chances are it can boost your traffic, profits, and long-tail rankings in Google in a short amount of time.

I hope you like this blog post, if you want me to write on a specific topic, mail me or mention it in the below comment box, will definitely write something useful for you.

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