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How To Choose A Blogging Niche

Hi There, Hope I am helping you to make your blogging skills better. Today I am going to tell you about How to Choose A Blogging Niche? So far, I have written a couple of blogs from the scratch. If you are new to blogging then you must go through these blogs, which will absolutely help you to begin with your Blogging carrier. Few are these

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I don’t want to write much about it, but whatsoever I am going to share right now will be worth knowing for a beginner. You choose your niche as there could be many reasons like you want to enhance your skills, express your feelings, share your experience, making money, or else.

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In a layman, Niche is a “Topic” or an idea about a specific topic. There are two sorts of niche “Profitable” and “Semi-Profitable” because you find everything on Google but the game is what’s more searched on Google? These are the most common and profitable niches: Free Song Downloads, HD Wallpapers, Application APK Files, Social Media Tips & Tricks, etc. These types of content used by most of the users on the Internet today.

Apart from this, more than 85% of the niches in the blogging industry fall under any of the below

Health & Wealth


Healthy Lifestyle

Online/Offline Education



Games etc.


I know in the above niches, you must have at least 2 topics, where you are perfect at and can express it better in your own way. It’s actually a fun process writing a blog because you know something and you have to express the same in your own words. You must have at least 20-30 different and unique topics on your niche so that you can publish your blogs timely without any unnecessary time-gap. It is also good to choose your hobby or profession that gets you excited when you talking about it. Maybe you don’t like this part, most people give up after a couple of months because

They often lose interest in it.

They are running out of content.

They are not giving sufficient time.

They are impatient and expecting results in a few weeks.

They are not getting enough traffic on their website etc.

That’s why I want you to think twice or thrice before you choose an appropriate blogging Niche for your channel. It is quite normal when you are out of content and don’t have anything to write. So it’s better to choose a Niche, where you are perfect and talk about the most.


If you have chosen this as your passion or profession then make sure you are doing proper market research about your Niche in the market. You have to analyze whatsoever is your Niche has a good number of searches on Google and profitable enough to monetize your blog. Find out if a sufficient number of people be Googling it every week/month?

How To Choose A Blogging Niche - Profitable Niche

If people are spending money on AdWords to advertise their products after targeting specific keywords, which are related to your niche then you’ve picked the right topic. It will also help you to earn a great income.


If you have read my first point carefully then I mentioned clearly that you must have at least 20-30 unique topics on your niche so that you can publish your blogs timely and won’t give up easily. When you be out of content and reduce the number of posts, there are chances that you may lose your audience soon. On the other hand, you have to make sure whatsoever niche you choose that must-have low competition in the market. Search it on Google what you don’t have that your competitor has and how you can make it superior & unique from others without losing its quality.

It’s a lot easier to be passionate about a topic that you know about the most and start to see some success. The more you constant in writing, the more you learn and nourish your blogging skills. So in a nutshell, consistently blogging about a topic is hard work.


Before you write your first blog, you have to think that why would people listen to you and how it is useful for them. There are hundreds of bloggers who write on YouTube, Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Education, etc, so what is special in you. This is where you have to know the taste of your audience and be up to date about everything you are going to write about. There is always a scope to make your blogs different and unique, and show your audience what they haven’t seen yet.

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If you know your audience then a perfect niche blog narrows your target audience, but it also keeps them coming back. Again, there’s no point embedding a soccer-orientated post if your blog is about music. You have to be careful not to go off-topic too often because it will take time to let your audience understand before you come up with a fresh new topic.


This point is not applicable to those bloggers who are going to write about current affairs or daily news related. Because they have to write the most updated news around the world on the daily basis. Like, if you have ever searched “Smartphone Under Rs. 18,000” on Google, you must find ample devices of different sorts of brands. But there are chances after a couple of months; these smartphones will be replaced by some new upgrade version devices.

On the other hand, if you are writing about the “Best Places To Visit Near Nainital, Uttarakhand”, now you understand the places which are already popular for many decades can not be replaced by any other. Although you can add the cheapest hotels, adventure activities, upcoming events, etc over there. This is a long-term niche and meant for the future, which will help you to increase your traffic for the long term.

Hope I have explained each and every step in the easiest way to choose a blogging niche. All the information I just shared from my own personal experience, where I made some mistakes, which I don’t want you to repeat, and select your niche wisely.

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