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7 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Hello Everyone, hope you all are safe and healthy! Today I brought you a topic about 7 ways to grow your YouTube channel. As I mentioned in my last blog that YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world behind Google. So you understand how useful it will be for your channel. By following these tips & tricks you can help your content be found quickly and engaged with thoroughly on YouTube.

If you’re an active YouTuber, you are aware of the fact that most of your time is spent in front of the camera, and then editing the content into something you’re eager to upload.

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

It works as per the YouTube algorithm, which gets changed over time. This blog will help you to produce algorithm-friendly YouTube content? Here are 7 effective ways, where you can grow your YouTube channel and you can see your subscriber count go up.

Consistency is The Way To Grow Your YouTube Channel

The very first point is that your videos must have uploaded frequently to your channel. Only one video won’t make any big difference in your number of subscribers. Uploading videos consistently will keep your subscribers attached to your channel otherwise they may forget you soon.

It is good to come up with a plan that works for you. For example, If you can post once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month, stick to it anyway! Try to upload at the same time each day or week, which depends that how frequently you upload and keep your subscribers updated about when new videos will arrive. Then stick to your schedule. Apart from that, you can also push notifications so when you upload your subscribers will be alerted when you have new content up.

In a nutshell, this is the best time to grow your channel as during the lockdown you can grow your channel much faster than other days. Most of the people are working from their home, so they need some good content to pass their time or a refresher. In a couple of months, you’ll find that some videos get more views than other ones. You will have contents that do great and others that flop. On the basis of that, If you find the video did well then make another video on the same in a “Parts-Wise” or related topic.

Customize & Post Great Thumbnails

Before you upload a video your Thumbnail matters a lot for viewers. This must look decent (signals a certain sense of professionalism), appealing as well as attractive because it’s a major part of how your audience decides what to watch. Keep in mind that thumbnails are only half of the story as the other half is your title.

Content of your video with a catchy title and appealing thumbnail usually ranks higher, even if the content itself isn’t as valuable because they have a higher click-through rate (CTR). Most of the YouTubers follow the same practice in order to gain views.

7 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel - Don't use inappropriate thumbnails

There are many free applications, which lead you to create the best, so you don’t have to be rocket science. Make sure your thumbnail and title represent your video, don’t make your viewers fool. If your thumbnail misleads people into clicking just like the above one, YouTube will know easily and let your watch time will reduce automatically when the viewer gets annoyed and stops watching, which leads to report your channel as well.

Grow Your YouTube Channel By Promoting It Widely

This point I always mention in every YouTube-related blog. Once you upload your video, don’t hesitate to promote it not within your circle, publically as well. It’s time to gain some subscribers, so advised to begin with your Family, Friends, Relatives, and Office Colleagues, etc. Also, you can embed your videos to other social channels like blogging and writing stuff.

7 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel - Promote it everywhere

Initially you get around 150-200 subscribers easily within your people but what about Next? But later you will need be depending upon your content, so make it accordingly. Upload your first video and make sure whatsoever video you are going to upload, should be incredible and perfect, in the matter of content, editing, thumbnail, background score, etc.

Your subscriber count describes your organic reach on YouTube, so ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It’s a very simple logic that the more organic subscribers your channel have, the more views your videos will get right off the bat when you hit publish. Ask your viewers to share your videos on every other social media channel like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media channels.

Be Natural With Your Content

You know why this point is too important because whosoever is watching your video must have connected with you. Doesn’t matter what niche you choose, it should be accurate and appropriate towards their content. For example, when you’re researching “how-to…“, you may find videos with millions of views, so create one that no one else is making.

This is because there’s a lot of search volume for “how-to…” videos, so create something different than that. Keep your information and words more comprehensive and easy to understand so that your viewers will understand it quickly, without Googling it.

Engage With Your Audience

Once you cross 1k subscribers to your channel, start engaging with your audience. If possible, try to respond to every comment you receive from them and ask users to engage with audio/visual prompts. For example, you can see I engaged with one of my subscribers and tried to resolve the query she had.

7 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel - Engagement with your audience

You should know what your audience wants, but you really don’t until you ask them what they want, but most of the time you may find the same in the comment box or over the social media text. It makes you a wise YouTuber. By engaging with the viewers I have been able to adjust my content strategy to include topics that they are interested in watching by just knowing their needs.

Make sure in any situation, don’t use foul language with anyone. If you feel offended or found anyone may then report it, but don’t be carried away. Audience engagement is just another term for building relationships with any loved ones.

Collaborate With Other Creators

This gives a heavy wave to your subscriber numbers when you try to collaborate with other YouTuber. It helps you to grow your YouTube channel because it helps to double the audience, which leads to more viewers, subscribers, and reach.

The best approach to collaborate with someone is to write or contact over the chat instead of writing in the comment box or calling without their permission. It’s annoying and can reject you from the door let alone accepting your offer.

When I was writing this, I had gone through with some of the atricles written on the same topic by some famous bloggers. I found that out of all 7 ways to grow your YouTube channel, this point must be added once you cross around 10k subscribers. Because you need subscribers everyday!

Trending Content Helps You To Grow YouTube Channel

Maybe you already have a bunch of video content in mind to do for your channel, but if your videos aren’t centered around what the audience is looking for your content can get lost in a trash bin where no one wants to watch. This is the harsh reality of today’s YouTube certainly, the truth hurts but for you to grow your channel you have to start with content that interests viewers.

turn on, turn off, arrow

This can be content trending online or in your niche, as long as it aligns with your channel, you’ll be on track to attracting the right audience and subscribers. I won’t suggest you make a strict rule when it comes to content creation and I would advise creating trending videos as well as videos you’d like to see on the channel. Go with the fact that short videos do not consider in Watch Hours, so try to create videos longer than 8 minutes.

I hope that I have covered all the essential points of how you can grow your YouTube channel by following these simple 7 points. I know that you can do better on YouTube and start getting subscribers and views within a few months. Since it will take some longer, but stick to it, gradually this number will increase for sure. Just swim with the wave and have some patience. Again don’t compromise with your content, and compare your channel with anyone – You Are The Best After all!

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