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Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled

Hello There, Today’s topic for those bloggers who are unable to index their blog posts/articles on Google Search Console (GSC), formerly Google Webmaster Tool (GWT). GSC is the platform that offers to help monitor a website’s search performance. Unfortunately, since October’20 the posts are not getting indexed, getting a “Page actions are temporarily disabled” error every time when you try to index your post URL.

The “Request Indexing” feature of the URL Inspection Tool has been disabled by Google due to some technical updates. In the meanwhile, Google continues to find and index content through a regular method, which works in most cases.

Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled

Before I tell you an alternate solution for this, I would suggest, if you are new to blogging then it’s an excellent time to start your carrier with the Amazon Affiliate Programme. That allows website owners to create product links to their website page, and earn referral fees. When a customer clicks on a product link and buys any sort of product from Amazon.

It’s absolutely free joining and easy to use. I have already explained Amazon Affiliate Account Setup Process & Adding Amazon Affiliate Links in detail for your WordPress blog.

Why Pages Are Not Indexing?

On the 14th of October 2020, this issue occurred for the first time, and it was supposed to get fixed within a couple of weeks, which didn’t happen. You can check out the Google updates on this issue in the below images.

As of now, Google didn’t confirm the actual time they want to resolve this. Though you can check URL Availability, Mobile-Friendly & Sitelinks Searchbox status on Google through the LIVE TEST URL button.

Will It (Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled) Resolve?

As you have seen in the above Google updates, where they keep working on the same issue. Also, I will share a live example where most of the pages are indexing but what about others? So, I think – Yes, it will be definitely fixed soon or Google will have to provide an alternative solution for this. Because millions of pages are indexed on Google every week.

It could happen that Google will be reducing the number of individual URLs that have bad SEO practices like Duplicate Content, Keyword Stuffing, Paid links, etc. That’s why it is said everywhere, for a perfect blogging carrier you must have an excellent SEO practice or go through with its rules first.

What You Should Do?

I have seen that if you publish your posts and it indexes automatically on GSC without doing it manually, not everyone but most of it! Yes, you read it correctly because the Googlebot will periodically crawl your website looking for site updates and new pages. Sometimes it takes hours, days, or weeks to index your pages.

Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled Solution Explained

See, the error of “page actions are temporarily disabled” is still there, but the page has been indexed along with other results like Coverage, Mobile Usability & Sitelinks Searchbox are in green check.

Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled – Alternative Solution!

The alternative solution which I am going to share it’s very useful for those who are not able to index their blog posts on GSC. Through this, you may able to submit your WordPress posts to more than 40 ping websites automatically. I would advise you to check the Spam Score of every link every month, which will take hardly less than 10 minutes. So it’s not a big deal for you, I am sure!

Because of this, whenever you will publish any post in the future, your post will index to these websites automatically. Also, there are higher chances that your posts will boost your traffic, profits, and long-tail rankings in Google in a short amount of time. This will help you to get a good amount of traffic from all over the world.

You can check up to 3 links at a time with and it’s Spam Score (SS). It shouldn’t be more than 1% in any case, if you find any then avoid those. I have colored it for your reference, where you can see the score is at 1%. You can Download The Updated 40+ Ping Websites below, and again I am advising you to check the spam score of every website link on monthly basis.

How To Insert Website Links

It’s a simple process, go to your website Dashboard–Setting–Writing, paste the website links under the Update Services box, and click on Save Changes: That’s It! Refer to the below image

Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled - Alternative Solution


Now you can understand the current situation, you haven’t done anything wrong here, it just happened with everyone. I would suggest that you keep following my page because every time I write something helpful for you. I understand that blogging can be very frustrating sometimes when you face these sorts of challenges, especially for those who are started blogging for the very first time. Go with the flow, keep writing, keep sharing & keep shining.

I hope you like this blog post, I tried to explain about Page actions are temporarily disabled in the easiest way along with its best-ever alternative solution. If you have any questions related to this, you can mail me in the below comment box. I will definitely try to help you out.

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