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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

Hello There, Hope you are doing awesome! Today we are going to discuss something different, so if you have aimed to become a successful YouTuber then I am going to tell you YouTube payout pattern, and “How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?”

As I mentioned in my last blogs, you can make money from YouTube by uploading unique and quality videos. Regular videos can be more than just a hobby — they can be a money-maker, for businesses and individuals alike. Of course, anyone can easily upload a video to YouTube, you just need some Internet data, that’s it!

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

Before you upload a video on YouTube, you must create a YouTube account first. Then you are the pilot of your plane, where you want to fly, where to land, and where not to, it’s all upon you. If you want to know more about how much YouTubers make and how you can engage more people and make money on YouTube, keep reading because this blog is all about it. 

How to Monetize YouTube Channel

4000 Watch Hours on YouTube

How To Begin?

As you have noticed, when you open YouTube to find some particular video genre. There are ample videos listed on that application, few are useful and mostly useless. That’s where you have to run your mind that how you can make a better one than the rest of them. As much as you learn from the famous YouTuber’s videos, who make money that you can’t even imagine.

You’ll find the different types of creativity levels by their editing skills, video presentation, background score, etc. That’s why people are crazy for them, love them, and wait for their next video. But first, you have to learn from them, their tactics towards their work.

Anyone can make money from YouTube but not everyone!

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make Per View?

This one is the most common question that comes to mind before one wants to become a YouTuber that how much does YouTuber make per view? Google pays out 65 to 70% of their AdSense revenue, so for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays up to $67 to the publisher. To be very honest, there is no such fixed price, it may vary for many reasons, such as:

The length of the video

Ad Quality

Numbers of clicks and Ad you get

Number of views on your video

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make Per View?

Still, A YouTuber can make anywhere between $0.01 to $0.03 per view with AdSense, with an average of $0.17 per view. On Average, the YouTube channel can receive up to $15 – $18 per 1,000 ad views, which almost equates to $3 – $5 per 1000 video views. 

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make Per Video?

The amount of money a YouTuber can make per video depends on a variety of factors, which I just mentioned above — the number of views they accumulate and how many Google ads are displayed throughout their videos. Using Forbes’s estimated pay rate of $5 per 1,000 views, a YouTube video with 1 Million views can make upwards of $5,000, indeed a well profitable job!

Of course, some niches are easier than others to make money in, so I would suggest you choose your niche, which helps to enhance someone’s skills. Probably the most successful niche is gaming by live streaming. Let’s agree with the fact, gaming is a huge industry in itself, and most of the gamers have reasonable levels of discretionary income to spend. Other successful niches are such as:

Comedy & Entertaining Content

Health & Fitness





Healthy Lifestyle

Online/Offline Education

Gadgets Reviews, etc

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make Per Subscriber?

Maybe you know this fact that there is no such reason that YouTube will pay you on the basis of your number of subscribers you have on your channel. Subscribers are those who choose to follow your channel so that they can have easy access to your latest videos. Usually, A YouTuber makes money from the Adsense only that comes during the video or in the beginning.

When you post a video, it will automatically pop-ups as a notification on the user’s device and show up on their YouTube homepage. Subscribers are essential because they’re the ones who will most likely comment, like, and share your videos with even more people. In a nutshell, YouTube does not pay you based on the number of subscribers you have, they only pay you depending on the number of views your videos receive.

Before You Get Paid: Know YouTube Policy

The below points must-have to adhere by every YouTuber who wants to make money from the YouTube platform:

First of all, you must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

All of your videos must have generated 4,000 Public Watch Time (Hours) over the last 365 days.

Get reviewed and approved

You comply with all of YouTube’s policies as well as guidelines & must follow the YouTube Partner Program overview & eligibility.

Sign and agree to the terms and conditions

Have a linked AdSense account.

Some Other Ways To Make Money from YouTube

Affiliate links: It’s pretty simple by promoting affiliate products on your YouTube channel and earn some commission amount from it. I believe you have watched many videos of a YouTuber reviewing a product or where a YouTuber throws in the name of their “favorite brand”. By simply creating an affiliate account and link its products under the description page, That’s it!

Affiliate links involve a YouTuber reviewing or mentioning a product, such as a makeup product, technical devices, or a service, such as marketing software. When a viewer clicks on a product link on the video description page and makes a purchase, the YouTuber will earn a percentage of that purchase as a commission.

Merchandise: Whether you follow a popular gamer, roasters, or a day-to-day vlogger, you’ve probably noticed they have opened their own shop and offered some apparel to their loyal fans to purchase. YouTubers who have a large fan following often create a brand out of their channel and sell things such as shirts, bags, hats, bottles, and accessories.

Sponsorship: For those who just got 10 Million subscribers and getting millions of views in just a month, make their money through brand sponsorships. You might be surprised by how many brands are happy to pay YouTubers just to increase their sales by reviewing or promoting their products. Because today, YouTube is the most widely-used video-viewing platform across the world and if you’re a big-time YouTuber with a strong following, companies are going to want to partner with you.

Money Made By The YouTubers Around The World

Most of the YouTubers earn the majority of their income from ad revenue generated from their YouTube videos. Check-out these highest-paid YouTube stars of 2020

10. Jeffree Star

Main Channel: Jeffree Star

Subscribers: 16.9 million

Views: 600 million (June’19 – June’20)

Earnings: $19.7 million

9. David Dobrik

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? David Dobrik

Main Channel: David Dobrik

Subscribers: 18.6 million

Views: 2.7 billion

Earnings: $20.4 million

8. Blippi (Stevin John)

Main channel: Blippi – Educational Videos for Kids

Total subscribers: 27.4 million

Views: 8.2 billion

Earnings: $22.4 million

7. Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)

Main channel: Like Nastya

Total subscribers: 190.6 million

Views: 39 billion

Earnings: $24.3 million

6. Preston Arsement

Main channel: Preston

Total subscribers: 33.4 million

Views: 3.3 billion

Earnings: $22.4 million

5. Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)

Main channel: Markiplier

Total subscribers: 27.8 million

Views: 3.1 billion

Earnings: $25.7 million

4. Rhett and Link

Main channel: Good Mythical Morning

Total subscribers: 41.8 million

Views: 1.9 billion

Earnings: $26.3 million

3. Dude Perfect

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? Dude Perfect

Main channel: Dude Perfect

Total subscribers: 57.5 million

Views: 2.77 billion

Earnings: $30.3 million

2. Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson)

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? Mr. Beast

Main channel: Mr. Beast

Total subscribers: 47.8 million

Views: 3 billion

Earnings: $31.6 million

1. Ryan Naji

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? Ryan Naji

Main channel: Ryan’s World

Total subscribers: 41.7 million

Views: 12.2 billion

Earnings: $38.9 million

I hope you like this blog post and now you got some idea about money made by YouTubers around the world. The number of views, subscribers, and earnings may vary from the last updated data. I have linked their YouTube page, You may visit their channel and check-out the creativity level.

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