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Bhangarh Fort Story

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to my blog and today I am going to tell you about the true story of Bhangarh Fort and how this place became haunted. Many people have their own stories but when I tried to find the facts behind it, then the conclusion was very different from it. Which I am going to share in detail.

Bhangarh Fort Story

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Located At

The Bhangarh Fort is located near a village called Gola ka Baas on the border of the Sariska National Park in the Aravali range of hills in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

Bhangarh Fort History

The history of Bhangarh Fort dates back centuries, which was built in the 17th Century in Rajasthan, the Fort is an ancient model, which gives a horror flick today. It was believed to have been erected by Man Singh I in the 17th century by one of the Navratnas of Akbar’s court for his son Madho Singh I. It is believed that over 10k people used to live in Bhangarh before it was allegedly abandoned overnight!

Real Story Behind The Cursed Bhangarh Fort

Ratnavati’s Cry– The Bhangarh Fort Story, according to legend, was cursed by an occultist in the sixteenth century. Singhia/Sinha, a lecherous occultist, was attracted to the beautiful queen of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. Once upon a time, he saw her maid buying some hair oil for the queen and put a love spell on it. The queen was an occultist herself. One look at the swirling oil and she threw the vessel away. As soon as it touched the ground, the stone magnified into a boulder and moved towards Sinha. All that occultist could do before the boulder crushed him was to curse the land, “Bhaag Jaao” he warned the people.

Rani Ratnavati - Bhangarh Fort

The spirits of the Princess and the Wizard are still haunting the fort to this day; and this fort is considered the epicenter of all hauntings.

The Baba’s Curse– One of the myth says that that King Madho Singh founded the city of Bhangarh after receiving ascetic permission from Baba Balnath (or Guru Balu Nath), who was meditating there. Guru Balu Nath was the one who approved the town’s establishment also cursed it and said: The moment the shadow of your palace touches me you are undone. The city shall be no more!

Ghostly Incidents

As per the report, last year a man jumped into the step-well and hurt his head. The car crashed and the two others died while he was being rushed to the hospital. An unfortunate accident blamed entirely on ghosts but no one knows the truth behind that. Locals consider that just a coincidence.

In another incident, a group of friends sightseeing in Bhangarh caught the glimpse of what seemed like the shadow of a boy in a house without a door but a grilled window.  This and many other stories are popular or rumored to be true, around here but nobody has the live evidence so far.

Ram Gopal Joshi, the pujari of the Hanuman temple at the entrance of the Bhangarh ruins, has a theory, “Jiske grah kharab hote hain, usko bhoot dikhta hai” he mentioned and the ASI team (Archaeological Survey of India) has confirmed that paranormal activities have occurred inside the fort and it has a very negative vibe to it.

Bhangarh Fort at Night

As per the Govt guidelines, it is completely forbidden to stay inside the fort at Night. ASI team has put up boards at several spots around the Bhangarh Fort warning against staying in the premises after sunset and before the sun rises. You can hear strange noises from inside the fort premises at night time and the air gets charged with an uneasy heaviness. It is said that spirits roam inside the closed gates after sunset and the place becomes a hotbed for paranormal activities. In fact, if the locals are to be believed, whoever who has tried to stay back in the fort over the night, has never returned to tell their tale.

Numbers of Temple

There are about half a dozen temples around the Bhangarh Fort area, which gives the region a slight break from the all-pervasive spooky aura. If you visit there then you find various small and ancient temples, which are dedicated to different Hindu gods, including Lord Hanuman, Lord Gopinath, Keshav Rai, Mangla Devi along with various small shrines and structures.

Ancient Hindu Temple At Bhangarh Fort

Foreigners Are Banned Inside Fort

Yes, it is true! Bhangarh Fort is the only tourist place in India, where foreigner’s entry is not freely permissible. First, they have to obtain special permission to gain entry into the premises and Bhangarh Fort. A few years ago, among the tourists getting lost in that region and a large number of foreigners protested against their disregard for rules and caused them to take the strict step.

Best Time to Visit Bhangarh

The best time to visit Bhangarh Fort is from October to March because you find appropriate weather. Summers (March to June) of Delhi is extremely hot, and Monsoons (July to September) are not very advisable to visit this region due to torrential downpours. From October to February is a perfect season to witness Bhangarh in its full glory, though it is also the peak season in Rajasthan.

Bhangarh Fort Timings & Entry Fee

The timing is from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm daily, which is free of cost, however, you will have to pay the parking fee. If you are planning for video filming then there is an extra chargeable at approx. Rs. 50.


After reading this article you can imagine that without electricity, any basic facilities (remote hamlet area), the place makes itself a haunted one. An ancient fort, which is cursed and rumored by many horror incidents, doesn’t need any proof. When I asked locals and shopkeepers about the Bhangarh Fort Story they only said there is nothing haunted out there but it’s not safe to break the rules and staying illegally, which actually makes sense.

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