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Amazon OneLink

Hello There, Hope you are doing well! Today we are going to learn how to set up an Amazon OneLink account? In my last posts, I have explained to you about Amazon Affiliate Account Setup Process & Adding Amazon Affiliate Links to your WordPress blog in the easiest way. Before you use this feature, you must have your Amazon Affiliate Account (AAA) Store ID. Basically, it’s a script-based solution for Amazon’s text links that will land visitors from different countries across the world.

Amazon OneLink

What is Amazon OneLink?

Amazon OneLink is a one-time setup and enables you to configure this functionality on your website with six easy steps. It helps you to monetize international traffic coming to your website from the UK (, Canada (, Italy (, France (, Spain (, Germany (, Japan (, and neighboring countries respectively by automatically redirecting them to their local Amazon storefront to complete their purchases.

This process is not only just meant for WordPress users but If you don’t use WordPress, you can still follow the steps.

Why OneLink is Benificial?

This helps those bloggers, who write their blogs about everyone around the world. It can utilize traffic from other countries by setting up the links manually or activating a third party plugin. Because if you write something, which is helpful and everyone is looking for that, visitors may buy something through your website link.

Once they click on a link, they will redirect to their country’s Amazon page automatically and you will get referral fees. So, it’s an amazing feature that Amazon has for its associates, where they can earn money even the visitor is not from the same country.

Setup Amazon OneLink Feature

AAA India doesn’t have an OneLink feature, so here I’ll show you how you can do it in a simple way. In order to change the country, first, you have to log in with your current AAA then select the country (United States) name. Refer to the below image

Amazon OneLink Setup Process

Now under the Tools section, you can find the OneLink feature. Once you click on that, you can see there are two steps are showing Link your accounts & Start earning, just click on Click here to link. This will redirect you to select the countries, where you’ll have to link your accounts with them one by one manually. If you have an issue with the language to understand, on the top of the right screen, you can choose the language as per your convenience.

On the other hand, if you are not from the U.S still, you’ll have to submit US tax information. For TIN Value, non-U.S. users may use their Unique Identification Number (UIN) of their country what they use for tax purposes. Select the Location of services performed accordingly if you are managing it from outside the U.S. Refer to the below image

Amazon OneLink - US Tax Form

Because of this, you’ll be receiving payments from the countries, where you have linked your Amazon accounts, also you can manage them in one place. Every time you sign up, you will be getting a unique Associate ID. You have to copy that ID number and paste it under “Your CountryName Store Id“, and click on Link Store. Once it will link properly, the status would be in green. In order to complete this, you will have to verify all the accounts, you can see their status by simply clicking on any country name. Refer to the below image

I hope you like this blog post, I tried to explain how to add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress blog or articles with a step by step process. If you want me to write on a specific topic then you can mail me or mention the topic name in the below comment box. I will definitely write something useful for you.

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