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Hey There, Hope you are doing well! Today, I am gonna tell you something about Amazon Affiliate Marketing and how to add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress blog or articles. It’s a quite simple process, where you have to link their products on your page and earn referral fees up to 10%. In my previous blog, I have explained how to create an Amazon Affiliate Account with step by step process.

Amazon Associates Program 

Before you process to add Amazon affiliate links to your website, you must know about the Amazon Associates Program, which is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and writers/bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy any sort of products(Terms&Conditions) from Amazon. It’s absolutely free joining and easy to use.

Amazon Affiliate Link

The referral amount varies from product to product. There are many ways to link Amazon products like YouTube, Facebook, WordPress, etc. Whenever a customer clicks on a product through your advertisement, you can earn up to 10% in referral fees.

Adding Amazon Affiliate Links – First Method

So basically, there are two different methods that are available, where you can link your products easily. The first method is if you have already logged in to Amazon Associate Account, where you find two tabs Quick Links: Search for Product & Browse for Product(category wise products). Apart from this, you can select the Product Links option under the Product Linking tab. Refer to the below image

Adding Products Through Amazon Affiliate Link

You can put the keyword or ASIN/ISBN under the search bar of any profitable product from Amazon’s official website. Every product has its unique ASIN/ISBN ID, which you can find just below the product description details.

Once you search for your product keyword or ASIN, you will find the same product just below there. Now you need to click on the get link button and you will see this type of interface on your screen. Here you get a couple of modes whether you want to link this product as a Text and Image, Text Only, Image Only, and Add to Widget format on your Blog page. You can choose any of these as per your convenience along with Customize Link & Live Preview format. Refer to the below image

Once you are done with your format, then select the HTML code for this product link, click or select on that link box, copy that and go to your WordPress Dashboard. In the Appearance tab, select the Widget option and you find many widgets out there, just find the Custom HTML widget on left, and drag it anywhere you intend to appear. As I have dragged the widget to Right Sidebar so that it will always appear on the right side of my blogs on the desktop screen. Refer to the below image

Amazon Affiliate Link - Custom HTML

Now click on the widget after placing it, there is an option to put the title name and give a Title box you want. Now just put the complete code in the Content box as I have done in the above image and select Save & Done. That’s it guys, now you can go to your website and check that your added products are visible on your blog page.

As you can see under the advertisement sidebar, I have linked a couple of different Amazon products on the top-right of the website/blog. You can do the same by adding as many links under the Custom HTML widget. You can also drag them anywhere you want manually depends how many widgets you get from your theme developer.

Alternate Method For Adding Amazon Affiliate Links

The second method will be easier for you just like the first one was. If you already logged in with your Amazon Associate Account then go to Amazon’s official website, and you find the Amazon Associates SiteStripes tab on the very top left corner automatically.

Select any product you want to appear on your blog post and select whatever link format you want to use for product advertisement. Use that link at the same place as I explained in the first method through the Custom HTML widget.

I hope you like this blog post, I tried to explain how to add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress blog or articles with a step by step process. If you want to know how you can manage different countries’ affiliate account, by just using this current account? then Stay Tuned! If you want me to write on a specific topic then you can mail me or mention the topic name in the below comment box. I will definitely write something useful for you.

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